NUMBER FACTS - Doubles and Near Doubles - Intervention for Mastery



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NUMBER FACTS - Doubles and Near Doubles - Intervention for Mastery

Doubles and near doubles are easy with this great little resource. Filled with task cards, games posters and more, it is ideal for relieving teachers as well.



Learning-solutions, Education Consultant

I am a semi-retired primary teacher with a degree and experience in Learning Support.  During my 30 odd years teaching I was a classroom teacher, principal, guidance officer and learning support teacher.  I have had straight grades and multi-age classes in towns and communities all over Queensland.  My passion is differentiation and supporting all learners.

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    This package contains three components:
    1. SLAM DUNK the DOUBLES 67 pages
    - A4 Posters of the doubles facts for a Maths Centre
    - Worksheets for Concept Development (increasing difficulty)
    - Task Cards (3 levels of difficulty)
    - Student Answer Sheet for independent progress
    - Fun Time - Riddles and Mystery pictures
    - Answer Book
    2. SLAM DUNK NUMBER FACTS Doubles/Near Doubles - 31 pages
    - A4 Poster of the Doubles and Near Doubles Strategy for a Maths
    Centre or RTI
    - Worksheets and activities for Concept Development
    - Maths Riddles
    - Worksheets for consolidation and fluency (see Contents Page in
    - 32 Task Cards (with answers)
    - Student Answer Recording Sheet
    3. Bug Catcher Game
    - 10 boards (you need to supply two six-sided dice)
    I have updated this package and added more worksheets and Task Cards. Recently I have had some students in my Intervention sessions who needed more practice so I have supplemented the worksheets and Task Cards accordingly. I found the Speed Sheets in my other packages particularly motivating, so I have included these as well. My kids like to time themselves and see their progress as they get faster.
    I included the Doubles Book because these are the foundation skills for the Near-Doubles. You may have some students who are still at this level.
    I have also revised my Bug Catcher Game and simplified it so you only need to supply two six-sided dice and counters (or buttons) for each player (or group of players). This game is very effective for consolidating the Near-Doubles facts. I use it regularly and it is well worth the effort to laminate and package. I use it for RTI, but you could also put it in a Maths Centre with the POSTER and that way you will be accommodating all ability levels.
    The Task Cards are differentiated and I have included a Student Recording Sheet so your kids can work through them at their own rate.There is an ANSWER BOOK included also.
    There is also a Bug Catcher Junior Game in my store for the Near Doubles Facts to 13.


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