Technology mandatory Year long bundle 7 8



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By Ms Avici,
Technology mandatory Year long bundle 7 8

Technology Mandatory year long bundle 7 8



Ms Avici,

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    Teaching TAS? Technology, food or Industrial Arts?

    This starter pack is for you.

    This bundle is great value with 14 resources to get you started.

    Included are:

    An Assessment Task template

    A Classes plan (to get organised in terms of seating plans and timetable)

    A design process activity

    Project: Design James Bond Walking Stick

    Assessment: Project Proposal Healthy Food Canteen

    A program for a digital media showcase that your ICT classes will love.

    Electric Car Design Booklet

    Electric Car Excel Markbook

    A Woodwork safety equipment sheet.

    Program for Shark Tank Burger Pitch (Sustainable package, Burger and pitch to investors).

    A unit on Space Unit and creating space related products.

    Program for Woodwork Iphone / Letter holder. It can be modified depending on your resource allowance.

    A unit outline Proforma to design your own units.

    *Usually $60 in value, down to just 19.99 a steal at less than a third of the price.

    This value bundle address's the following syllabus Objectives
    Knowledge, understanding and skills

    Students will develop:
    1 knowledge, understanding and appreciation of and skills in design processes, design
    theory and the work of designers

    2 knowledge of and skills in researching, experimenting, generating and communicating
    creative design ideas and solutions

    3 knowledge and understanding of and skills in the responsible selection and safe use of
    materials, tools and techniques

    4 knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the impact of innovation and emerging technologies on the individual, society and the environment

    5 knowledge of and skills in managing quality solutions to successful completion

    6 understanding and appreciation of and skills in evaluating and reflecting on the success of their own and others’ design activities.



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