SIGHT WORDS - FRY"S Third Hundred - Flashcards/Task Cards/Tags/Games



Sight Words


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SIGHT WORDS - FRY"S Third Hundred - Flashcards/Task Cards/Tags/Games

Fry's third hundred sight words is my third bundle and completes the collection of the first three hundred sight words which make up over 60% of words in print according to Dr Fry's research.  Sight words comprise an essential part of a balanced literacy program and my three bundles, with one hundred words in each, will get you started.



Learning-solutions, Education Consultant

I am a semi-retired primary teacher with a degree and experience in Learning Support.  During my 30 odd years teaching I was a classroom teacher, principal, guidance officer and learning support teacher.  I have had straight grades and multi-age classes in towns and communities all over Queensland.  My passion is differentiation and supporting all learners.

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    This bndle contains:

    --- Flashcards Fry's Sight Words 1-300
    --- Individual Student Record 1-300
    --- Class Overviews
    --- Tag Set (25 to a page) 1-300
    --- Small Cards (100 to an A4 page) Words 201-300
    --- Word Cards (9 to a page) 1-300
    --- Climb and Slide Blank Board Game
    --- Race Day Blank Board Game
    --- Wordo Blank Board
    --- Word Bingo - 4 sets (25 words to a set) 201-300

    Examples of most of these can be found in the Preview.

    I have been working on this bundle for many years. Sight words are a critical element of a balanced literacy program and I have used the FRY'S first three hundred for over twenty years. It doesn't really matter what sight word list you choose as long as it has integrity and you use it systematically.

    I specialise in learning difficulties now but I have expanded the bundle to cater for a whole class. I know how precious time is in a busy classroom, so the bundle reflects a wide range of applications.

    I use the tags when I administer the Individual screener. They are on a ring and the student flips each card as they read. There are three columns on the recording sheet as I have found it necessary to retest to ensure that the sight word has been retained in memory after a couple of weeks or a month. If a word is known quickly I tick, if it is known but slow, I mark an S and if a word is not known or misread I put a dot. The target words have an S or a dot. Dr Fry recommended teaching five at a time, but I vary this according to the student's capacity.

    I have added the class overviews because I used something similar many years ago and found it helpful to identify ability groups and target specific words.

    The small cards (100 to a page) are the student's record of what they know. I would let them mark the known words as they track their progress.

    The word cards can be used in intervention or small groups. You can print two lots of whatever sets you are working on and play games like Fish or Memory. I would use the Flashcards for a whole class and they are ideal for Word Bingo.

    The Sentence Task Cards can be used for reading groups or rotations as well as a Literacy Centre. I would use them in intervention also, targeting the words your students need. These cards provide a transition between reading the sight word and writing it. I have made the Task Cards multi-sensory and very structured. I find this is most effective in intervention, so they will suit most students.

    The games are the fun element and they take the boredom out of consolidating new skills. You are looking for fluency, so the repetition provides the regular practice that some students need. There are enough Bingo Boards to play with the whole class in groups. I used to play with mixed ability groups of three, giving each player three counters or plastic coins. They are in black and white so I would add some colour before laminating.

    I have a Handbook you might like to refer to: The Literacy Intervention Handbook which provides strategies for incorporating sight words into your literacy program. I have also bundled the first three hundred Fry's sight word packages if you need to cater for a wide range of ability. It would be ideal for a whole school approach.


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