Shark Pack - Visual Math & Logic Puzzles for Middle & Upper Primary





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By Multi-Sensory Resources for Primary Learning,
Shark Pack - Visual Math & Logic Puzzles for Middle & Upper Primary

Shark Pack: Visual Maths & Puzzles



Multi-Sensory Resources for Primary Learning,

I specialise in creative, multi-sensory and targetted literacy and numeracy intervention. I have studied a Masters of Teaching Special Education degree part-time over the past 6 years, and I work in special education at primary level. I develop individual learning programs for special education / intervention and gifted students in government schools, and as a private tutor. I am also a qualified scientist and marine educator, with almost 30 years experience. My resources are suitable for students who have issues with dyslexia, auditory processing, autism spectrum, receptive and/or expressive language, and inattention. I can also make specific literacy, numeracy and science resources to order, according to the interests and learning needs of your students.  

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    A set of 19 visual maths activities in a 38-page resource, for middle and upper primary years. A good choice for morning maths, or for early finish / extension work at the end of lessons. 

    Also makes a good kit for supply teachers, as it includes a variety of high-interest maths activities. 

    Activities in the pack include: 

    * graphing - pictograph interpretation, with basic maths operations
    * map-reading / finding directions
    * Tangram geometry puzzle - choice of 3 shark designs which can 
    be used to decorate the classroom, when each puzzle is 
    completed. Tangrams are good training for primary students in 
    spatial problem-solving. 
    * geometry - polygon pattern sequencing
    * 2- and 3-digit addition - using shark icon keys
    * addition and/or subtraction - using number bonds 
    * multiplication - using factors, arrays and number bonds
    * division - using arrays 
    * word and number puzzles
    * spatial logic puzzle

    Two visual maths templates are provided for students to create their own sums as well, to test their desk buddies. The shark tooth number bonds can be used for addition, subtraction or multiplication. Some primary students enjoy working together to create their own sets of number bonds for their desk buddy to work on. The students then mark each other's work. This activity builds maths confidence. 

    The shark array sheets can be used for both multiplication and division, and students can test each other. For example: "Draw 6 groups of 4, and 4 groups of 6 on the shark array". 

    All answers to puzzles are included.


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