Rap Poetry Kit for Middle and Upper Primary





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By Multi-Sensory Resources for Primary Learning,
Rap Poetry Kit for Middle and Upper Primary

A tool kit of rhyming words, in sets of short and long vowel sounds. Students can use this scaffold to create an endless variety of poems, including rap / hip-hop lyrics.



Multi-Sensory Resources for Primary Learning,

I specialise in creative, multi-sensory and targetted literacy and numeracy intervention. I have studied a Masters of Teaching Special Education degree part-time over the past 6 years, and I work in special education at primary level. I develop individual learning programs for special education / intervention and gifted students in government schools, and as a private tutor. I am also a qualified scientist and marine educator, with almost 30 years experience. My resources are suitable for students who have issues with dyslexia, auditory processing, autism spectrum, receptive and/or expressive language, and inattention. I can also make specific literacy, numeracy and science resources to order, according to the interests and learning needs of your students.  

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    A tool kit of short and long vowel sound words, from which students can create rap poetry. Students can combine these adjectives, nouns and verbs in thousands of different ways, to write an endless variety of poems. 

    This set is a useful resource as a stand-alone exercise, or following a lesson which demonstrates and teaches the elements of rap. Examples of "rap intro" which teachers could discuss prior to students using this resource include the personal themes which are common to many great raps; developing a story through the verses; and structuring the rap (e.g. choosing a beat; choosing and testing the rhyming style; writing a powerful hook/chorus etc). 

    Students could choose their own set of words for rap-writing. They could highlight appealing words with a marker, and think about how to piece them together. This word set is useful for developing end rhymes, and internal rhymes based on assonance. Beat-keeping tools (clapping, tapping, drumming) can assist. As another option, the whole class could each choose 2 words, and then write a line each, as part of a whole class rap, on a mutually agreed theme. Older students could work in pairs - each one of the pair chooses a set (e.g. 10 to 20 words), and then they swap the sets, and write a rap with their partner’s words. A good brain-training exercise!

    Teacher notes are included, as well as a sample page for writing short rap poems. Students could put their raps together in a book of poems, or have a class performance, and read out their raps in turn, whilst other class members keep the beat with instruments, or beat-box. 


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