Create-A-Word: Countries of the World Theme






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By Multi-Sensory Resources for Primary Learning,
Create-A-Word: Countries of the World Theme

How many words can you make with each set of letters, using each letter once?

Challenge! Using all letters in each set, make the name of a country, starting with the large letter.

Various individual and team word games can be made form this pack. Full instructions included. 



Multi-Sensory Resources for Primary Learning,

I specialise in creative, multi-sensory and targetted literacy and numeracy intervention. I have studied a Masters of Teaching Special Education degree part-time over the past 6 years, and I work in special education at primary level. I develop individual learning programs for special education / intervention and gifted students in government schools, and as a private tutor. I am also a qualified scientist and marine educator, with almost 30 years experience. My resources are suitable for students who have issues with dyslexia, auditory processing, autism spectrum, receptive and/or expressive language, and inattention. I can also make specific literacy, numeracy and science resources to order, according to the interests and learning needs of your students.  

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    Word exercises such as this one enable students to find new words they may not have heard or seen before, and also help them to recall words which are stored in memory - and thus practice their vocabulary skills. Synthetic phonics skills and word decoding skills are both developed in word creation activities.

    Alphabet letter sets are included with this pack, so that students can move the cut-out letters around, to help them form words.

    Students could work in groups, and aim to make the largest number of words. They could also try to create the word with the most letters, in addition to the target word in each set.

    Students can use the resource to create individual "words of the day", when previously unknown words are found. Each student in turn could share the new words they make with others in the class. If no-one in the class knows the meaning, the words can be added to a chart, and students can take turns writing the dictionary meaning next to each word, throughout the day or week. Students can also work in groups to try and make the largest number of new words which no-one in their group has heard or seen before, and then check dictionary meanings. First group to reach 10 words with meanings could win a prize.
    Each group could play a word challenge game, finding words with a minimum number of letters (e.g. 4, or 5), working within a time limit.

    Students could look for the hidden animal words. One or more animal words can be made from each letter set.

    The target multi-syllable word in each set could be used as a basis for a research report, or a creative writing piece.


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