Lots Of Writing Prompts About Sport (7-11 years)



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By Guinea Pig Education,
Lots Of Writing Prompts About Sport (7-11 years)

This series of work packs provides prompts to encourage children to write. It provides starting points, to encourage even the most reluctant writers. Featuring a lively, 'magazine style' format to appeal to children of all abilities, these packs are particularly recommended as preparation for creative writing tasks.



Guinea Pig Education,

 Guinea Pig Education is an educational publisher of work books and resources for use at primary and secondary levels. We offer a NEW, fresh and exciting approach to learning, which parents, teachers and even kids trust and which has proved highly successful over the years.

Guinea Pig books set out to re-educate young learners that reading and writing are not dull, but rather REWARDING and SATISFYING.




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    Lots Of Writing Prompts About Sport (Likes And Dislikes Writing Prompts) 7-11 years

    1. Write About A Famous Sports Personality And More

     In this pack, the child is asked to write about sportsmen and women. They should read the article 'I love football' and then answer the questions about former England manager Bobby Robson. Next, they should write a football commentary, practise writing to instruct about playing a sport and finally, research another sports celebrity and write an imaginary piece about a day in his or her life.

    2. Lots Of Writing Tasks About Sport

    In this pack, the child is asked to read the emails sent in to Sporty Magazine's mail bag and then to write about the sports they do. Then, they should help Jess to jump the fences at the show jumping competition, by writing down the best order to complete the course, using Jess's thoughts in the speech bubbles to help them. After this, the child is asked to collect some technical words for another sport and to write an article for their school magazine, using the writing prompt given.


    This series provides prompts to encourage children to write. It provides starting points, to encourage even the most reluctant writers. Presented in a lively 'magazine style' format, these packs feature stories and non fiction texts to read. They include follow up activities that will inspire even the most reluctant writer, to write stories, letters, play scripts, diaries, poems, persuasive leaflets and more. More than this, the child will learn writing techniques including: simple, compound and complex sentences - connectives, grammar tips - harder vocabulary and punctuation.

    Aimed at 7-11 year olds, these work packs provide excellent writing practice for those children preparing to take 11+ exams or S.A.T.s. They will also benefit children with special needs, or where English is a second language.

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