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By The Locker Room,
HSC PDHPE Study Pack

Comprehensive PDHPE revision notes



The Locker Room,

It has been said that matches are often won and lost in the "Locker Room". The moments of time before stepping into the arena, an athlete goes through their final processes to prepare for the match. 

Like an athlete, teachers have their own "Locker Room". It may be your classroom, the school office, your study room or your kitchen table. The hours spent in your "Locker Room", preparing yourself with the resources you have to make meaningful learning experiences for your students is crucial. The struggle of course is time. 

Here at "The Locker Room" we are all about creating PDHPE resources that are meaningful and engaging for students. We recreate the wheel all the time with the attitude of if you can do it better than what is already out there, then why not.  I have realised that the best teachers are those that take risk in their teaching. They invest their time in looking for resources thatnot only will get the job done, but get it done at the highest standard.


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    These notes have been created by an experienced and highly accomplished PDHPE teacher. They are clear, concise and very easy to follow.
    ALL key questions, ALL syllabus points addressed from the following modules;
    Core 1: Health Priorities in Australia
    Core 2: Factors Affecting Performance
    Option 3: Sports Medicine
    Option 4: Improving Performance
    A variety of acronyms included to make it easier to retain vital information. Examples included to support your answers during exams and assessments. Pictures and diagrams used where necessary to aid learning and retention of information
    These notes are in locked PDF form. No need to try to read others writing. Clearly set out using colour, pictures and clear text - Excellent for visual learners. Printable.
    These notes have been used by students who obtained a Band 6 in PDHPE. In saying that, these are revision notes and are to be used as a guide ONLY. In order to get Band 6, more detail is needed in some areas. Notes can also be used as a pre-requisite reading...read them before your start the unit to get a head start. Excellent for all PDHPE students and new teachers.


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    The Wheel is an educational networking and resource marketplace that connects educators and students with knowledge, resources and tools to excel. Either digital or physical, each product is created to assist educators or students researching or preparing for a specific subject matter. The Wheel was founded by Michael de Main, a NSW Secondary Teacher.



    THE WHEEL, 2017