1. What is The Wheel?

The Wheel is a service designed for both Educators and Students to access educational resources to further their learning needs. Educators are able to share, and sell, resources they have produced and have the rights to distribute to other Educators. They are also able to share and sell directly to students, enabling them to develop broader knowledge of the topic they need assistance with. Students can access any resources for their own personal use.

2. Who is The Wheel for?

The Wheel is designed for all Educators - Teachers (Preschool to Secondary School), Tutors, Homeschoolers, Graduated Students, Publishers and others with a vested interest in education. Educators are able to share and sell resources to each other that represent best practice in their field of expertise. Educators are constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to their resources, only to discover that something is already out there. This site is designed to allow all educators to find what they need, when they need it, in a format they are familiar with.

The Wheel is also designed for Students from all levels and years to access products that can help further their studies. Whether students are in a rural environment, using distance education, or need to find another way to understand a topic, The Wheel is here to help. Students can add to the Wanted list and request a product for their specific needs.

3. What is available?

Any product that can be digitally downloaded - video, audio and print. The Wheel also enables sellers to sell physical products - e.g. books, kits, tools and utensils for learning. Physical products pricing does not include postage and needs to be factored into each purchase.
Educators are able to find lesson plans, activities, units of work and programs, assessment booklets, bunting, ideas; anything to do with education.
Students are able to access summary notes, examples, essays, templates, study guides, techniques; anything they need to help a student excel.

4. How long are products available?

Products are available for download for an unlimited amount of time. Resources may be removed if they have breached the Terms and Conditions, or if they are no longer relevant - ie. a subject changes, new syllabus, new outcomes/indicators. All downloaded resources can be found in the “My Resources” section on each users profile.

5. What if I want a refund?

All purchases are non refundable. Contact the seller first to ascertain the issue. The Wheel will only refund money if the product is deemed to be misleading, inaccurate, false, or in violation of the terms of agreement. The Wheel will not refund if you have simply changed your mind, purchased the wrong product, do not have the technology to access the resource, or no longer wish to access it. All sales are final once a Buyer confirms a purchase.

6. How do I contact the seller?

The Wheel has its own communication system. This enables users to contact, share, and collaborate with other users in a safe and private manner. A “Contact Seller” button is on each product page

7. How do I report a product?

Each product has a “report” button. This will then open up a new dialogue box where you answer the relevant questions. A product can be reported if you believe it breaches any laws, is in direct violation of copyright and intellectual property laws. If a product is misleading or not as described.

1. How are my products rated?

Products are rated under 5 categories with a star average for each section making an overall rating. These ratings are: Pricing, Relevance, Description, Creativity, Overall.

2. What if I find a product that is a blatant copy of my own work?

Contact the Seller. If the issue can not be rectified in a timely and professional manner, use the report button to contact The Wheel.

3. What is my Username?

Your Username will be used as your Store name. Choose a name that is appropriate to the types of resources you will be selling, or your pedagogical ideology. It is best not to use your full name or one that makes you personally identifiable to ensure your privacy, as The Wheel will be accessed by students.

4. What does it cost and what percentage do I receive?

All new members gain access to our Teacherpreneur account free for the first 12 months. This enables them to 90% commission on sales (excluding transaction fee) and are they are able to join our exclusive Social Group for guides and tips on how to become a better seller. After the first 12 months the Teacherpreneur account costs $89 per year. Our free account gives sellers 80% commission (excluding transaction fee) for resources sold to educators and 70% commission (excluding transaction fee) for resources sold to students.

5. How can I sell my Content as an Australian Public School Teacher?

The Australian Department of Education (each state varies slightly), owns any resources produced by a currently employed teacher. Selling a resource used within a classroom or school is a breach of copyright with the Department. To be able to sell a resource on any website, it is recommended to vary the resource used within the school environment to not breach Copyright Laws. Your Username, or Storename, should also not personally identify you as a teacher with the Department of Education. No products should contain School logos, names or photos that identify your school.

6. Which email should I use?

If you are part of the Australian education system, you will have a Department email account. It is not recommended to use this account as your primary email system. A personal email is preferable. It is recommended not to post your email address on the site as The Wheel has it’s own contact system which should be used at all times to ensure privacy. The Wheel is accessible by any person using the internet, including students. Keeping your identity private will ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Your email address is stored securely on our database and will not be released to any other third parties. DO NOT give others your email address in any public forum or where others are able to find it.

7. What’s the best way to make my resource searchable both online and through The Wheel?

Key words and terms are extremely important. 35 to 45 characters for the title of a resource is ideal for Google and other search engines. Ensuring that in the description you use terms, words and phrases that a person would use when typing into search engines will help. Any product on The Wheel is searchable from all search engines, therefore making it easier for the community to access your resource.

The Wheel offers sellers to be a featured seller, or to feature a single product. A featured seller has all their products featured in a larger format and different design. If you wish to only promote a single product, as it is on sale, or new, you can choose to feature or promote a single item.

8. How do I set a price?

When setting a price for your individual resource, you need to think of the time and effort you have applied to develop it and who the product is aimed to - Students or Educators. The number of pages and the amount of time the resource is completed in will also affect the cost. Single page, 5 minute class tasks will be lower priced to whole term, whole year multi page resources. A quick search on The Wheel for similar products is also an excellent way to ascertain the value of your work, however, each product is unique. Use others as a guide, but not your direction.

9. How do I get paid?

All commissions are paid fortnightly through Paypal. Ensure your details up to date so we can pay in a promptly manner. Allow 24-48 hours for funds to be transferred.

10. What is a Featured Seller?

A Featured Seller is the opportunity to have every product featured for 30 days, receive an increased commission of 90% and be included in The Wheel’s newsletter. To be eligible, members must have less than 100 products and pay $30 in the month in advance. There are limited places available, so don’t wait until the end of the month.

11. How do I promote a product?

If you have bundled a product, newly uploaded, placed on sale, or simply think your resource needs to stand out, you have the chance to promote your product. There are two types of product promotion. 1. One Product - 7 days, 90% commission, $10 or 2. Every Resource - 7 days, 90% commission, $15. Every featured product will be double the standard listing with a colourful background to make it stand out. 

1. What types of resources are available?

Students are able to download any product that an Educator has developed specifically for them. These can be in the form of study guides, notes, essay questions, quizzes, ALARM templates….the list goes on

2. What if I can not find what I need?

The Wheel has a Wanted list where you can ask for a certain type of resource. Any Educator who is skilled in that area will be notified and can produce the material for you. They will not write your essay for you, or do your homework, so don’t ask!! Other students can like a product on the wanted list. The more likes, the more likely it will be produced.

3. How do I know the quality of the product?

Using the star ratings and reading reviews is an excellent means to ascertain the validity of a product. Following a seller who produces content that you have deemed valuable, will also ensure that you are able to find new material as it arises.

4. Who wrote the material?

Current and retired educators from both Public and Private education systems, tutors, home school teachers, graduated students and other professionals with a vested interest in educating and furthering student education. All materials are rated by users, and each seller has an overall rating. Choosing a seller with a high rating, generally ensures a better product, but not always. Read others feedback to ensure the item is appropriate for you.

5. How do I pay?

Using a Paypal account is the easiest means to send and receive payments. If you are unable to open an account, a Parent and/or carer may be able to assist you. Credit Card/VISA debit payments are also an option. The Wheel does not condone or promote Direct Deposit and sharing of bank details.

6. Can I share downloaded resources to my friends?

No. You are the sole user of any materials you purchase or access from The Wheel. If the product was beneficial, rate it, and share the product using the share link on the product page. Other students can then access and purchase the product with their own money and account. You purchased it, why should your friends gain access free? If The Wheel finds that you are illegally distributing resources, your account will be locked and sellers will be notified of the infringement. They may choose to take legal action as a breach of copyright.

7. Can students sell on The Wheel?

Yes. Any student is able to share or sell their work to other students. Simply sign up as an Educator, and you will have access to the Seller's Profile. Upload anything you found useful when you were in school and studying. There is no limit to what you can upload or share. 


The Wheel is an educational networking and resource marketplace that connects educators and students with knowledge, resources and tools to excel. Either digital or physical, each product is created to assist educators or students researching or preparing for a specific subject matter. The Wheel was founded by Michael de Main, a NSW Secondary Teacher.