In all the history of researching and studying, there has never been a single student who decided that they were going to set themselves up for failure. Typically, students spend a considerable amount of time preparing for their tests. Failing a test that one has taken time and effort to practice for can be heartbreaking. The heartbreak is even inexplicable when sufficient time and effort was dedicated to studying for the test, and still, the result comes out as a total flop.

Since the education system rests entirely on a system that depends on tests as continuous assessment, failing a test can mean failing an entire subject, course or grade. After the initial shock of failing, the most important step is to pick yourself up and move on. The moving along process does not simply mean choosing to ignore the hurt and disappointment from failing the test. However, it lies deep in understanding the deeper meaning behind the sad emotions. What possible lessons can one get from failing a test? Also, can failing a test be seen as a good thing at the end of the day?

Again, the answers to these questions depend on the student in question. Will the student decide to wallow in self-pity and cry over a situation they cannot change? Or will they find composure, a new direction and better ways of passing tests in the future? 

To not learn from failing will mean you will forever fail

The best lesson from failing a test is that there are new and advanced tools that can be used when studying. One such tool is a platform known as The Wheel. Designed to cater for both learners and educators, The Wheel provides access to educational resources to further learning needs. After failing, maybe it is time one realises that learning tools are there for a reason. 

Whereas most educational platforms have complicated entry barriers such as joining fees and monthly subscriptions, at The Wheel, you only need to pay when downloading resources that you actually need. When there is a challenging subject or topic, there is no shame in getting extra lessons to help catch up. In the classroom, educators move according to the curriculum, and their attention is divided among all the students in the class. Getting one-on-one lessons outside of the classroom is important if you are going to get a head start.

Another grave lesson to be taken seriously by failing a test is that education and learning go beyond the classroom. When you sign up for an account at The Wheel, it is possible to access it from any platform. Access on the go with your tablets and phones to extend your studies beyond classroom walls.

Changing the way you study will change your results

Above all, the most important lesson from failing a test is to never give up. Developing a thick skin and resisting the sting of defeat is all that is needed to get one back on track again. Instead of dwelling in the darkness of failing, you can look forward to discovering new and advanced teaching platforms. At The Wheel, it is possible to learn while walking and dancing. Downloading audio resources makes all this possible. When you are using one method of studying for a test, and you still fail, then maybe it’s time to change. The Wheel is proof that the future is now. Education is made simpler and easier to understand when the method of teaching is what you best relate to. If you have failed a test and hate the feeling, the best lesson to take from the experience is that finding the latest way of learning might bear better results.

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