Tips for Keeping Motivated During the Break

Hard work can be rewarding, especially when it comes to school work. You toil throughout the term, and as the holiday approaches, the mind automatically prepares to unwind. As much as you deserve the break, you owe it to yourself to stay on top of things so that when the next term begins, restarting doesn’t seem so daunting.

Whether you're an educator or student, it's easy to be under-motivated during the school holidays. So, here are some tips for keeping motivated during the break so that you are on top when you get back to school.


1. Let go and celebrate the achievements of the recently ended team

By the time you close for the term, your brain is almost fried and every nerve in your body yearning for a break. At the start of your holiday, you might want to reward yourself for what was achieved in the recently ended term. This is the moment to let go, for a day or two. As they say, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

Allowing yourself to revel and relax will help you do a ‘factory reset.’ You will discover that both the mind and body will be rejuvenated and a change of scenario might be a good thing.

In the likelihood that you can afford it, you can take a short trip to a serene place, for example, a drive to the countryside. By the time you get back, you will be supercharged and ready to tackle your tasks head-on.

2. Regroup your thoughts – identify your end goals

Ok! So you’ve had a bit of time to yourself and even spoilt yourself. This tip can easily be overlooked. Yet, it’s what sets the winners apart from everyone else. The moment you get into a routine, you need to reflect on your past term, check the goals before the beginning of the term, compare them to what was actually done and then write what needs to be redone or revisited.

The main aim of this little exercise is to check your mini-goals and set them such that they will effectively help you achieve your main goal — to pass your studies.

Identify and write down exactly what you want to achieve by the end of the holidays and at the beginning of the new term. Be honest with yourself. If your mini goals include catching up on some sleep, playing sport or focusing on other aspects outside of your studies; write these down.

Whatever your thoughts and goals are doesn’t really matter. What matters the most is creating a timetable or schedule. Make it reasonable. Being a responsible student doesn’t mean overworking. Rather, working smart.


3. Reflect – check your progress to date

Just in case you were thinking of skipping the part of writing down a schedule, think again. To be able to check on your progress, refer to the notes you created in tip number 2. Actually, having a notebook to write down mini-goals is the best way of answering to yourself. You can have a full conversation with the notebook and identify your strong points, needed revision as well as strengths.

To prepare for the new term, you will definitely need new resources and materials. And even though it is not a demand, you can stay ahead of the game by getting new materials before the holidays end. That way, by the time you have your first class, you’re not exactly clueless.

4. Keep track of new resources and materials

Freedom is possible to attain even during the term. As an account holder on The Wheel, it is possible to network in the education sector as far as knowledge, tools, and resources go. Use the Wheel's News feed functionality. After logging into your account, click on the drop-down menu on the top left and select ‘My News Feed.’  The concept is easy. Simply follow your topics on The Wheel so that you're notified when new resources are added or requested during the holiday break. Visiting your news feed will open up any resources that you signed up for, requested or previously searched for.

Basically, there is no reason why staying motivated should be difficult. You have to remember what matters the most to you so that you will create a schedule in order of what is important.

It is not mandatory to be always studying, even for students. During the holidays, increase the fun moments, come up with smart ways of studying and most importantly, use the News Feed feature on The Wheel to stay updated on new material.