Being an educator—for most, is more of a calling than a profession. As rewarding as the job can be, the long hours and overtime at home can be taxing. Especially when tallied to the pay check. Whether consciously or unconsciously, educators are satiated when students excel. Part of the challenges faced by educators include coming up with essential, exciting and easy to understand content for students. Striking the right balance between understanding, simplicity and adhering to the syllabus requires hundreds of hours of planning, writing and rewriting.

Teaching Maths

Managing to crack the code and develop engaging content, makes it easier for students to understand the course. More excitingly, they go on to share it with their friends. However, the immediate circle of friends is rather small. That is why more and more educators go on to search for platforms that liaise with educators and students.

The Wheel can help put a lot of things into perspective. This groundbreaking platform is exactly what the modern educator needs to connect with as many students as possible and vice versa. Sharing and uploading content has never been this easy. The best part about it is that anyone with access to the internet can have access to the site. 


Joining The Wheel can open up a new world for educators. Initially, it may satisfy your search for an additional income. However, there are a host of other advantages. In addition to the most obvious one—generation of cash, being a part of the Wheel can help;

  • Ensure that excellent content reaches more students than a single community educator could have ever achieved

  • In the smooth transfer of intellectual property between educators and students. The Wheel acts as a neutral middleman between educators and students. They work around the issues of intellectual property and ensure that educators get paid fairly

  • Being part of The Wheel opens doors for an international clientele. Not every average teacher is able to create a podcast. Other forums such as Course Hero require a lot from educators like being online at most times to answer questions. Additionally, they are not region specific-which is precisely what The Wheel is

  • There are no limitations to the shared resources. The forum allows educators to post both digital and physical content without any red tape

  • Exclusive to The Wheel, there is a ‘Wanted List.’ Students identify topics and subjects that they have searched and can’t seem to get anything in search. Depending on the educator’s settings, the site will either send a notification or leave the list pen to viewing by educators who might like to create the specified content. No more working blindly and hoping that someone is looking for said content

  • There is a sense of community provided by the Public Forums. These forums are open to all members of The Wheel, and members are free to share their milestones, ask questions and even work on collaborations.At times it can be frustrating to walk about with a wealth of knowledge and not know when and how to share it. With the Public Forums system set on site, educators can make friends with other educators and form relationships with the students. Competent professionals appreciate that the only change which is constant is change. Educators will realise that The Wheel Public forums are there to keep them informed on any changes. 

Every generation has different requirements from the next. Being a part of such a proactive forum that works in the present helps educators to stay informed and keep up-to-date on the dynamics as they evolve.

When it comes to learning and particularly imparting knowledge to students, the teaching channels are somewhat unfair. At The Wheel, there is equity. Students only search for the information that they lack, are more interested in or want further insight on. The motive for which one searches for a particular piece of content is never the same between two students. Thus, The Wheel provides educators and students with flexibility. For example, the educator can break one topic into two parts. Depending on the student’s needs, they might only require just one piece.

Financial Freedom

The teaching and learning possibilities on The Wheel are endless. Each student is a unique case and their needs differ from the next. This site equips educators with a chance to decide how involved they are going to be. To see the full benefits, educators should sign up and give themselves a chance to reach Endless Forms of Freedom with The Wheel.