Outright cramming is frowned upon, and with good reason. It is part of humanity and integrity to do the right thing. In the education system, the right thing will be to study all the time and ask questions to get clear answers. However, it is not possible to have a 100% retention rate on everything that has been learned during a given period. Truth be told, everyone has had to cram at some point. Even the Einsteins and Steven Hawkings of the world. There is just no way that every tiny detail can be mastered. There comes a time when one needs to cram.


So, considering it’s inevitability, the question is, how can we cram to the best of our ability to achieve the results we really need? Until the not so distant past, mnemonics were the best way of cramming anything. However, times have changed and cramming methods with it. Technological advancements have put a staggering amount of information at our fingertips. The art of cramming today is all about how to channel that information into fast and effective learning. Fortunately, the tools we use to aggregate this information have evolved as well. Innovative educational platforms such as The Wheel are great for cramming, read on to find out why!


  1. The Wheel’s content is generated by expert and experienced teachers and ex-students. Their notes are succinct, giving immediate insights and direction to whoever reads them. That niggly point you’re struggling with is something uncountable students before you have struggled with, and solved. By downloading their notes you can leapfrog these obstacles in seconds.
  2. The Wheel’s material is available for download in multiple formats. Educators upload their resources on the site in one or several formats (audio, video and print). When downloading the material, other educators and students are given a choice to download in whatever format they want. Thus, students who learn best by watching videos will have the option of downloading video content, print, the same as well as audio.
  3. Believe it or not, an integral part of cramming is studying effectively. Once students know of an impending test or exam, the next best thing to do is narrow down the topics with a high probability of being part of the test. Identifying a list of these topics will make it easy to reduce the amount of material to study. Using resources listed on The Wheel and the descriptive text, one can compile the most applicable material and use it to study for the test. Although this will be at the last moment and will not include everything that will be on the exam, it is a good start.
  4. Bought resources can be downloaded and re-downloaded time and time again. This means that it is possible to download the material in more than one format, more than once. Basically, once bought, notes on a particular topic can be printed out and cut out into sticky notes to create mnemonic in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other spaces. Multimedia formats can be downloaded to the smartphone and iPad to be watched and/or listened to while on the go. With all these possibilities, you’ve always got the opportunity to cram.