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Endless Forms of Financial Freedom with The Wheel

Monday, 12 March 2018 3:50:29 pm Australia/Sydney

Being an educator—for most, is more of a calling than a profession. As rewarding as the job can be, the long hours and overtime at home can be taxing. Especially when tallied to the pay check. Whether consciously or unconsciously, educators are satiated when students excel. Part of the challenges faced by educators include coming up with essential, exciting and easy to understand content for students. Striking the right balance between understanding, simplicity and adhering to the syllabus requires hundreds of hours of planning, writing and rewriting.

Managing to crack the code and develop engaging content, makes it easier for students to understand the course. More excitingly, they go on to share it with their friends. However, the immediate circle of friends is rather small. That is why more and more educators go on to search for platforms that liaise with educators and students.

The Wheel can help put a lot of things into perspective.

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How to become a Teacher Author

Sunday, 18 February 2018 5:23:21 pm Australia/Sydney

Are you ready to start selling?

More and more teachers are online trying to find resources to improve their classrooms and lessons. Have you seen other's work and thought..."I can do that!" Before you start selling, read the following post on how to set up a safe and secure store. Don't be forced to shut your store down, or make the same mistake as others and have to change your store due to issues with your resources.

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The Wheel moves forward

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 10:32:30 pm Australia/Sydney

Building a dream

With more than 15 years experience as a High School teacher in Australia, I knew there was a better way for teachers, tutors, students and their parents to make learning and delivering world class education more accessible. Our current reliance on outside agencies and publishers to dictate how we teach needed to change. The Wheel came from a lot of searching, planning, and building a platform that moves education forward, every teacher, every student, every classroom. This is a brief history of how The Wheel began.

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The Wheel is an educational networking and resource marketplace that connects educators and students with knowledge, resources and tools to excel. Either digital or physical, each product is created to assist educators or students researching or preparing for a specific subject matter. The Wheel was founded by Michael de Main, a NSW Secondary Teacher.